Friday, October 01, 2010

1971 Ads: The Electric Circus

Selected 1971 Voice ads for the Electric Circus.  The ads stopped in midsummer, so I guess the Circus left town around that time--though possibly with little fanfare, as I can't recall seeing a mention about its closure in any "Scenes" or "Riffs" column.

1/7/71 issue.

1/14/71 issue.

1/21/71 issue.

1/28/71 issue.

2/4/71 issue.

2/11/71 issue.  Planetarium--forerunner to Laser Floyd uptown at the Hayden???

2/18/71 issue.

2/25/71 issue.

3/4/71 issue.

3/11/71 issue.

3/25/71 issue.

4/1/71 issue.

4/8/71 issue.

4/15/71 issue.

4/29/71 issue.

5/6/71 issue.

5/13/71 issue.

5/2/71 issue.

6/3/71 issue.

6/10/71 issue.

6/17/71 issue.

6/24/71 issue.

7/1/71 issue--damn, I guess the Groovies backed out.

7/8/71 issue.

7/15/71 issue--partially cut-off in the microfilming process.

7/22/71 issue.

7/29/71 issue.  I think Silverlight was the predecessor to Free Being.


Karate Boogaloo said...

Fantastic...The Stooges ad is my fave, but you also have to love the one for the Velvets (without Lou), and upcoming shows for Kool & the Gang, and Sir Lord Baltimore! Bananas!

I bet you're right about Silverlight being the predecessor to Free Being. And where was the Black Sabbath show advertised just above that?

Signed D.C. said...

Ungano's Ritz Theater in Staten Island--I'll post the whole ad later!