Friday, October 01, 2010

1971 Ads: The Rock Pile (formerly the Action House)

Selected 1971 Voice ads for the Rock Pile in Island Park.  The ones I found spanned only March to early July.

3/11/71 issue.

3/18/71 issue.

3/25/71 issue.

4/1/71 issue.

4/1/71 issue.

4/8/71 issue.

4/15/71 issue.

4/22/71 issue.

4/22/71 issue.

4/29/71 issue.

5/6/71 issue.

5/13/71 issue.

5/20/71 issue.
 [Incidentally, I watched this earlier today--Mott the Hoople keyboardist Morgan Fisher talking over super-8 footage from a '74 tour.  Includes some NYC street scenes and discussion of the New York Dolls and Leee Black Childers.  Thanks to Crawdaddy Simon for the link.]

5/27/71 issue.

6/3/71 issue.

6/10/71 issue.

7/1/71 issue.

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