Friday, September 24, 2010

Recent image acquisitions

Bob Polhemus of Bobby and the Teemates sent this great shot of them playing at Scott Muni's Rolling Stone.  "His club the Rolling Stone was one of the hottest gigs I ever played...The place was like a celebrity gathering with every soon to be legend of rock visiting...The picture is us The Teemates--Me second from left.  We were the house band there the first week he opened the club. We were there a month followed by the Vagrants, with the Yardbirds doing a set every now and then along with Eric Burdon, Chas, The Gentrys.  Opening night there was a line stretching up 48th Street to Second Avenue...Barry Oslander was the Sound Engineer there, and co-produced our LP "Jet Set Dance"...This was our last week there. Scott was furious we gave up our Beatles squeaky-clean look for these striped shirts. Cancelled our contract--Vagrants followed...The picture above was taken shortly after the Teemates changed their name under new management with a guy by the name of Bill Blackburn who was associated with the New York Jets--thus the name 'Kickers." I believe this was our last week at Scott's, after which the Vagrants or another Band followed us in."

Harold C. Black, later of David Peel and the Lower East Side and Teenage Lust and the Lustettes, holds a prop used by his earlier band the Banana Trippers.  I think he told me he was on MacDougal Street here, pausing briefly before heading out to Forest Hills to play at the First International Psychedelic Expo.  Not sure if the awning is for the Cafe Wha or some other establishment owned by Manny Roth.  This came from the Facebook pages of his friends Phyllis and Jason, who also posted and restored the great pic of the Night Owl below. 

Speaking of Village photos, one of my dear suppliers is "cheapocheapo" (Allison), who regularly scans wonderful vintage teen mag photos and NYC pics and posts them to her tumblr.  She doesn't like to take too much credit for "putting pieces of paper against glass and pressing a button," but I praise her to the high heavens nevertheless for taking the time to unearth and expose the otherwise unseen.  Also check out her Lovin' Spoonful fansite and music 'zine blog.  I'm pretty sure all or at least most of the following Village pics came from her.

WFMU's blog put up the audio from this LP quite a while back.

From The New Inside Guide to Greenwich Village, published in 1965.

From Hit Parader.

Thanks to Tom for hipping me to these Getty Images shots of Otis Redding with Booker T and the MGs at Hunter College.  Note Druids of Stonehenge drumhead!

Mother's flyer--I got it from tumblr but it probably came from somewhere else originally.

Also, check out Stupefaction's post on '80s club ads from a couple weeks ago, part of his regular "Friday Emphemera" series.

And extra-special thanks to Corry for our super-fun "Rock Prosopography Summit" a couple nights ago.  I hope I was lucid enough for ya--I'm not used to that much beer on an empty stomach!


Karate Boogaloo said...

Nice color photos. I grabbed the Ramones for Friday Ephemera one day - I'll credit you of course! Thanks for the links - I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this rare flyer from an early show..

FWIW, It's from 1975.