Thursday, August 05, 2010

1970 Ads: The Electric Circus

Selected 1970 Voice ads for the Electric Circus. A lot of them were missing, but that doesn't necessarily mean the club wasn't advertising on a weekly basis. Quite a few pages in the sections where club and concert ads typically ran were either missing or were partially cut off, which I assume was due to some kind of malfunction in the microfilming process.

1/15/70 issue.

1/22/70 issue. Not sure if the Dylan misquote is deliberate.

1/29/70 issue. "Turn on. (Here.)"

2/5/70 issue. Kinda late to reference a "12 x 5" era photo, no?

2/5/70 issue.

2/12/70 issue.

2/19/70 issue.

2/19/70 issue.

2/19/70 issue.

3/5/70 issue. "THE ELECTRIC CIRCUS. In the whole round world, there is only one. And WE'RE the one."

3/12/70. "Close your eyes while looking at this ad." Partially cut off in the microfilm.

3/19/70 issue.

3/26/70 issue.

4/2/70 issue.

4/9/70 issue. Canned Heat, April 16.

4/16/70 issue.

4/30/70 issue.

5/7/70 issue. Manchild on May 13, Natural Gas on May 17.

5/14/70 issue.

5/28/70 issue. Rare Earth on May 22.

6/5/70 issue. Their copywriter could have used a copy editor.

6/11/70 issue.

6/18/70 issue. Children of God through June 21.

6/25/70 issue.

8/6/70 issue. "Appearing next week, J.P. Murphy & Free Flowing Salt, August 14." ["Helter Skelter" freaked the hell out of me as a child, long before I was aware of any Mansonian associations.]

8/13/70 issue.

8/20/70 issue. Hard to read the band name--I think it's the Sun, appearing through August 23.

8/27/70 issue. "We go the same direction you go, down. Nightly"

9/3/70 issue. With the rise in women's lib, I guess it was no longer hip to use nekkid lady illustrations.

9/10/70 issue. Gas Mask, September 9 through 13.

9/24/70 issue.

10/1/70 issue. Rock Island, September 30 through October 4.

10/15/70 issue.

12/17/70 issue.

12/24/70 issue.

12/31/70 issue.

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