Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1970 Ads: Ungano's, Part 1

Selected 1970 Voice ads for Ungano's.

1/8/70 issue.

1/15/70 issue.

1/22/70 issue.

1/29/70 issue.

2/5/70 issue.

2/12/70 issue.

2/19/70 issue.

2/26/70 issue.

3/5/70 issue.

3/12/70 issue.

3/19/70 issue.

3/26/70 issue.

4/2/70 issue.

4/9/70 issue.

4/16/70 issue.

4/23/70 issue.

4/30/70 issue.

5/7/70 issue.

5/14/70 issue.

5/21/70 issue.

5/28/70 issue.

6/4/70 issue. From Doug Hinman's The Kinks: All Day and All of the Night (San Francisco: Backbeat, 2004): Ray is back [from a flight to England to dub "cherry cola" over "Coca-Cola" on "Lola"] and the Kinks fulfill this second of a two-night booking at the small, hip club on the Upper West Side where they had played to great response as an after-thought at the end of last year's cross-country tour. The band strolls on stage with John Gosling sporting a fright mask he'd taken a liking to. "The Kinks are at their best in a small club where the first row of the audience is sitting on the performers' feet and everybody, for the occasion, loves everybody else," writes Nancy Erlich in Billboard. "The audience had a guided tour through the Kinks' England as seen through a graceful, raucous, perceptive series of songs...All went smoothly and with great humor, the kind that can only come in a small hall through a highly personal form of communication."

6/11/70 issue.

6/18/70 issue. In the separate full-page Brian Auger ad, there are also announcements for appearances at the Action House on June 20, and some joint in Long Island City called Hunka Monka on July 11. I have vague recollections of hearing about it, but further details would be greatly appreciated if there are any to be had.

6/25/70 issue.

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