Friday, August 06, 2010

1970 Ads: Madison Square Garden and the Felt Forum

Selected 1970 Voice ads for Madison Square Garden and the Felt Forum.

1/22/70 issue. There's a review for this show in the 2/19/70 "Riffs" column.

2/5/70 issue: Front page pics from the "Winter Festival for Peace." I seem to recall seeing this picture in an old Hendrix bio with the girl credited as Devon, not Jenny Dean.

2/12/70 issue.

2/12/70 issue. There's a review in the 2/26/70 "Riffs" column (scroll around, couldn't link directly to it). Irene Cara? She must have been a mere slip of a girl at the time.

2/19/70 issue. A review of the first show appears in the 3/5/70 "Riffs" column. One for the Byrds' performance at the third show is in the 3/26/70 "Riffs" column.

3/19/70 issue.

4/16 and 4/23/70 issues.

4/23/70 issue.

6/5/70 issue.

6/11/70 issue.

6/18/70 issue.

Also 6/18....sock a little polk salad to me.

6/25/70 issue--I liked the study in contrasts.

7/9/70 issue.

7/9/70 issue.

7/16/70 issue.

7/16/70 issue.

8/6/70 issue, full page ad.

8/20, 8/27, and 9/3/70 issues.

8/27/70 issue.

9/3/70 issue.

9/10/70 issue.

9/17/70 issue.

9/24/70 issue--which also features a tribute article to Jimi. (On a lighter note, the 6/25/70 "Scenes" column has a cool piece on Electric Lady Studios.)

10/15, 10/22, and 10/29/70 issues.

10/15/70 issue.

10/22/70 issue.

10/29 and 11/5/70 issues.

11/12/70 issue.

11/19/70 issue.

MSG 1970 Youtube clips, including CCR, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, and Led Zeppelin.

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