Friday, August 06, 2010

1970 Ads: Action House

Selected 1970 Voice ads for the Action House.

1/15/70 issue.

2/5/70 issue.

3/12/70 issue.

3/26/70 issue.

4/16/70 issue.

5/7/70 issue.

5/21/70 issue. Heh-heh, they said "pee."

6/11/70 issue.

6/25/70 issue.

7/16/70 issue.

7/23/70 issue.

7/30/70 issue.

8/6/70 issue.

8/20/70 issue.

8/27/70 issue.

9/10/70 issue.

9/17/70 issue.

9/25/70 issue.

10/15/70 issue.

10/22/70 issue.

11/5/70 issue.


Corry342 said...

These are great. Farewell Vanilla Fudge (3/12/70 issue): "Rated H* (*For Heavy)".

Didn't the Action House burn down? Wasn't the owner/operator mentioned in Goodfellas? Heavy indeed.

Signed D.C. said...

I haven't heard about any fires there, but anything is possible. The building apparently lasted at least until the late '70s, but under different names--first Rockpile, and later Speaks.

Corry342 said...

You are certainly correct that the building persisted at least through the 1980s.

Googlebooks on Phil Basile (owner of the Action House, Rockpile and Speaks) is informative, however. I think he was alleged to have burned down one of his nightclubs (in Wiseguy, the basis for Goodfellas) but I guess it wasn't the Action House.

The underbelly of the Action House is considerably more intriguing than most rock venues, but until we have GoogleFederalWiretaps, I don't know to get at it.

Anonymous said...

basile owned a ton of places like channel 80, rumors, part of my father's place too

ichyman said...

Do you know if the yardbirds or led zeppelin ever played there?

ichyman said...

do you know if the yardbirds or led zeppelin ever played there?

Signed D.C. said...

According to a Yardbirds giglist at chromeoxide dot com, they played there on April 12, 13, and 14, 1968. I couldn't find any reference for Zep, so I'm assuming they didn't.