Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New look, old stuff

Thought I'd freshen up the place with a new template and a much-needed labels list and search box. And allow me to share a couple of videos I was just hipped to by a Facebook pal, Jet Screamer.

First, photos of the Outcasts taken at the Cafe Wha--and yes, I do have a weakness for "Empty Heart" covers, the more primitive and garage-y the better. The band apparently reunited and performed at the current incarnation of the Wha in 2009.

And some silent-but-deadly footage of Clay Cole. There are a few more YT vids of him, including his scenes in Twist Around the Clock and more recent clips of him promoting his book, but it seems like precious little footage from his TV show has survived.

I'll leave you with some choice pics recently posted on tumblr by the aforementioned Hip Toad and her equally '60s teen mag/Lovin' Spoonful/vintage NYC-obsessed best buddy, cheapocheapo.

Cafe Wha? exterior.

Rare glimpses of the Night Owl's interior, though Peter Tork and Buzzy Linhart are the main subjects.

Fun-looking shoppe.

Random cool gal cruisin' at Bleecker & Macdougal.

Interior of the Electric Circus.

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RICH IN RENO said...

dude - DYNAMITE was on coney between ave. m and n, or n and o, but no way was it ave z !