Friday, May 21, 2010

Comment of the Week, Part Deux

That Foxy Lady's "old/new boyfriend" just checked in with a few additional details!!! I didn't think the story could get any more adorable, but it does!

I remember this concert like it was yesterday. Anyone remember the Soft Machine having pamphlets thrown out of a helicopter before their set? So my girlfriend and I sat on the floor seats just a few rows from the stage. They introduced Janis (as I recall her first NY appearance) and everyone's reaction was - "who"? Well that sure changed after the first few notes. Then the Chambers Bros and then JIMI!! So yep, my girfriend broke up with me less than 2 months later. She married someone else. So did I. And only now do we realize that it was each other we loved all these years and her breaking up was a mistake. Oh, I'm Debbie's old/new boyfriend and for the past 42 years whenever either one of us remembered this concert or anything to do with Jimi we remembered how much we were/are in love. (Debbie forgot to mention that her dog's name is Foxy).


Corry342 said...

This is beyond incredible. What were the Soft Machine pamphlets?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is testament to the power of love AND rock & roll!! What a beautiful story. Dee, I am so glad you started updating your blog more regularly!!

Still In Love With Debbie said...

Corry342 - I believe they were self promotional pamphlets.

It didn't work too well for them but it was still a kick seeing pamphlets being dropped.

It's the little things that impressed 17 year olds in those days.