Friday, June 15, 2012

1965 Ads: Part 4

10/7/65 issue:

This is the only Night Owl ad I could find.

10/14/65 issue:

10/21/65 issue:

10/28/65 issue:

11/4/65 issue:

11/11/65 issue:

11/18/65 issue:

11/25/65 issue:

12/2/65 issue:

12/9/65 issue:

12/16/65 issue:

Peter Crowley put on a big Max's Kansas City Alumni Reunion festival at Bowery Electric last weekend.  Here are some youtube videos and flickr pics.  Google around for more.

12/23/65 issue

12/30/65 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc.:

10/14/65 issue: "Jazz Journal" predicts that Jazz Rock might come to pass; review of Andy Warhol's first major exhibition at the University of Pennsylvania (links to nearby ad).

10/28/65 issue: Mailer on Lindsay (links to nearby article); "New York's Chinatown: Becoming Scrutable."

11/11/65 issue: "Village Square" column about bookstores as underground headquarters.

11/25/65 issue: "Village Accepts 'Historic' Tag"; review of James Brown at the Brevoort Theater in Bed-Stuy; "Jazz Journal" response to the Jazz Rock article.

12/2/65 issue: "The WBAI Affair."

12/16/65 issue: "Lindsay, Villagers Back Village as Historic"; "Whitey at the Apollo"--report on a Bobby Bland blues package show; Pete Seeger's "Non-Confrontation in Beacon, New York"; "Jazz Journal" on Miles Davis (links to nearby ad); pictures of the G.V. Historic District; review of "The Baroque Beatles Book."

12/23/65 issue: "Jazz Journal" on Sonny Rollins; "Notebook for Night Owls" on Mose Allison at the Vanguard.


kingofnycabbies said...

Had never heard of the Phone Booth until the recent listings you posted, then I came across a clip of the Magicians--"Invitation To Cry" from Nuggets--playing there in a half-hour show devoted to the band that ran on WCBS Channel 2 in New York on 2/13/66, available in three parts on YouTube.

Nothing is lost in the age of the interweb.

Signed D.C. said...

I've seen that footage, and several years ago I also saw some Rascals footage filmed there which sadly I haven't been able to find again. I did a post about the joint a while back too.

kingofnycabbies said...

The Rascals footage was part of a four-part documentary on ABC called "Anatomy of Pop: The Music Explosion." It ran in February '66, apparently, making that a good month for the Phone Booth's publicist. There's a chapter about the show in the memoir of the producer, Stephen Fleischman, that you can scope out on GoogleBooks. YouTube does have a clip of the Supremes in the studio recording "My World Is Empty Without You" from the program.

I see an ad for Kenny's Pub on E.84th; it eventually took on the moniker Kenny's Castaways, with Springsteen doing a show there December '72 just before his first album came out (one ad had it "Springstein"). The space was some kind of dance club up til about ten years ago--don't know what's there now.

Found it interesting to see the ad for the Chuck Berry show at the Village Theater, which puts music in there a lot earlier than I knew; a friend saw Coltrane there at Xmas '66, which is still 15 months before Bill Graham takes over.

Thanks as always for the goods!

Dharma Beach Bum said...

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog. I enjoy all the information you provide, the old ads and the pics. I've always been fascinated with NYC, but I've never lived there. Visited many times. Also a huge Dylan fan, and I know he lived in the village and played Carnegie Hall, Cafe Wha?, and the Gaslight. Anyway, keep up the great works and thanks.

Harold Lepidus, said...

Just came across your site ... Hours of fun ... Thanks for all the hard work!

Kevin said...

thanks for all the wonderful items you've posted.