Friday, June 08, 2012

1965 Ads: Part 3

Rhino is launching a new series of short e-books called Single Notes this month.  The first offering is Binky Philips' My Life in the Ghost of Planets: The Story of a CBGB Almost-Was, and it's available for free from iBooks and Amazon until June 19 (it'll cost about 3 bucks after that).  I'm sure I'd be singing its praises here, but at the present time Amazon is only offering this to Kindle Fire and Kindle for Android users, so I'm S.O.L. until this supposed system glitch is fixed.  For now I can only console myself with a brief excerpt and an interview with Binky at the book's Rhino page.    

Here's an excellent essay from recording engineer Rob Freeman on the making of the first Ramones album.  It's technical, but not so jargon-heavy as to make a studio neophyte's eyes glaze over.

Shindig and Ugly Things types will flip for new 'zine Flashback, which includes a fine piece on Alan Betrock's Rock Marketplace.  

7/1/65 issue:

7/8/65 issue:

7/15/65 issue:

7/22/65 issue:

7/29/65 issue:

8/5/65 issue:

8/12/65 issue:

8/19/65 issue:

8/26/65 issue:

9/2/65 issue:

9/9/65 issue:

9/16/65 issue:

Future home of Salvation.

9/23/65 issue:

9/30/65 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc.:

7/8/65 issue: Front page pics of Lindsay campaigning in Coney Island (one of which shows Liza Minnelli singing); origins of "TheVillage Square" column; "Jazz Journal" on the closing of Birdland.

7/15/65 issue: "WBAI: Mastering the Art of Eking Out a Living," by Susan Brownmiller.

7/22/65 issue: "Washington Square: Man, That's My Living Room," by Susan Brownmiller--report on the rough characters ("skels," as one cop called them) who hung out there.

7/29/65 issue: "Dialogue in Prague: Eastern Europe Goes East Village," by Stan Fischler.

8/5/65 issue: Review of Tom Wolfe's Kandy-Kolored... by Paul Cowan; "It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Playing Rock and Roll"--review of the Newport Folk Fest by Arthur Kretchmer.

8/12/65 issue: Rebuttal letter to Kretchmer from Phil Ochs.

8/26/65 issue: Report on the L.A. riots; "Jazz Journal" on high prices at jazz clubs.

9/2/65 issue: Review of Dylan at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium.

9/23/65 issue: "A Rough Old Country"--Delta Blues study by Paul Chevigny.

9/30/65 issue: Part two of "A Rough Old Country"; "New York's Newspapers: Case of a Cloudy Future," by Susan Brownmiller; Gaslight Scotch-Irish folk show review; "Sing-Ins March Down to Village at 5 a.m.." by Jack Nefield.


kingofnycabbies said...

Not related to today's wonderful--as always!--post, but I had occasion to visit the site of the Coventry, on Queens Blvd., today. The visit was for my annual piss-in-a-cup drug test to renew my hack license, at 47-01 QB. This is a newish office building, which replaced the hole in the ground that was there for a decade or so. It has taken up the space where the Coventry building would have been back in the day. The only thing remotely "rock 'n' roll" about the location is probably the Chase bank next door, the site of Willie Sutton's last bank job in 1950. Does anything get more r'n'r than his "Because that's where the money is" line?

Signed D.C. said...

Cool! I've stayed in a nearby hotel several times on my last few visits back, but I didn't take note of where the exact building was.

chessman said...

i saw that bitter end show shown as an ad above -serendipity singers /uncalled for three-(the opening act was jake holmes!) but now i'm dazed and confused because after this show-my first time in a nyc night club-we walked down the street and crossed to the other side because of a giant guitar noise coming from a club. it was the day james meredith was shot-could we have heard "jimmy james"?