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1969 Ads Revisited: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 4

10/2/69 issue:

The lower part on the black background was illegible.

10/9/69 issue:

10/16/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpts.

10/23/69 issue:

10/30/69 issue:

11/6/69 issue:

11/13/69 issue:

11/20/69 issue:

11/27/69 issue:

This Flushing club was mentioned on the FB NY Rocks group quite a while ago. I asked for more info, and a fellow who used to work there kindly offered some terrific details.  I know I took notes, but now I can't find 'em, nor is the search function on NY Rocks bringing the post back up.  Dang.  All I can remember is that it was located on the 2nd floor of its building (17 steps up, natch), and that Fleetwood Mac also played there (Nov. 23-24, 1969). I've managed to Google only two other references to it, involving Billy Joel and Haystacks Balboa. I didn't find any other ads for it, but I may go back and triple-check some later '69 issues.

12/4/69 issue:

IIRC, they also had a Rego Park location on Queens Blvd. across from Alexander's in the '70s and '80s.

12/11/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

Copied this mainly for the Flamin' Groovies review.

12/18/69 issue:

12/25/69 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc:

10/2/69 issue: "Scenes"; "Riffs" reviews Albert Hammond and Loudon Wainwright at the Gaslight.(links to nearby ad).

10/9/69 issue: "Scenes"; "Outside Fashion" on bralessness (includes an Electric Circus reference--links to nearby ad).

10/16/69 issue: "Scenes"; "Riffs" reviews the BAM show with Allen Ginsberg, Joy of Cooking, and the Band (links to nearby ad).

10/23/69 issue: "Scenes."

10/30/69 issue: Jack Kerouac obit; "Scenes"; "Outside Fashion" on R. Crumb's depiction of women; "Riffs" reviews Wilson Pickett at the Apollo.

11/6/69 issue: "Scenes."

11/13/69 issue: "Scenes."

11/20/69 issue: "Scenes."

11/27/69 issue: "Scenes"; "Outside Fashion" on Jeanne Colon, the Jefferson Airplane's designer (links to nearby ad).

12/4/69 issue: "Scenes"; "In Memory of the Dave Clark 5" by Christgau.

12/11/69 issue: Altamont coverage; "Scenes" (nearest link is two pages after it).

12/18/69 issue: More on Altamont; "Scenes"; "Riffs" reviews Eric Andersen at the Gaslight.

12/25/69 issue: Still more on Altamont; "Scenes."

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