Friday, May 18, 2012

1965 Ads: Part 1

Selected Voice ads from 1965.  I wasn't sure whether I would explore this year in depth, because the few random issues I looked at didn't seem to have any rock and roll ads at all.  But my blogging buddy Bruno Ceriotti, who is currently working on a book about Steve Katz and the Blues Project, convinced me to investigate it further.  This first installment consists primarily of ads for folk and jazz shows, but more rock action is on tap in upcoming posts.

1/7/65 issue:

I'm assuming this was THAT Lou Gossett but I may be mistaken.

1/14/65 issue:

1/21/65 issue:

1/28/65 issue

2/4/65 issue:

Some pics from this show are up on the Getty Images site.

2/11/65 issue:

And I wonder, where she will stay-ee-ay, my little runaway...

2/18/65 issue:

2/25/65 issue:

3/4/65 issue:

3/11/65 issue:

From an opinion piece on whether to continue using this building as a heliport. Ultimately it became a catering hall, and my Pops worked a second job as a bartender there on weekends for many years.  I was thinking about him a lot yesterday, 'cause he LOVED Donna Summer.  He really enjoyed watching people disco dance at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs, and at home he'd put on "Hot Stuff" or "Bad Girls" and do his own solo approximation of it--which involved standing in one place, bending forward at the waist slightly, and thrusting one buttock out at a time to the beat. 

3/18/65 issue;

3/25/65 issue:


1/7/65 issue: Excerpts from letters to the editor about Timothy Leary.

1/14/65 issue: "Blowin' in the Wind: A Folk Music Revolt," by Jack Newfield.

1/21/65 issue: Happenings.

2/25/65 issue: Malcolm X assassination coverage; Terry Southern's Candy.

3/4/65: Malcolm X funeral coverage; "The Hip 400."

3/11/65 issue: Fire at the Caffe Cino.

3/18/65 issue: "Gig at the Gate: Return of White Liberal Stompers," by Jack Newfield.

3/25/65 issue: Pics of Bleecker Street by Fred McDarrah on the front page; "Dylan Meets the Press," by J. R. Goddard.

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