Friday, October 14, 2011

1978 Ads: Radio City Music Hall

There were barely enough ads during this year to merit a separate post...but the lack thereof does stand to reason, as the Hall was threatened with closure around this time.

1/23/78 issue.

1/23/78 issue.

1/30/78 issue.

1/30/78 issue

2/6/78 issue.

2/27/78 issue.

9/11/78 issue.

9/18/78 issue.

9/25/78 issue.
10/2/78 issue.

Reviews, articles, etc.:

4/10/78 issue: "Aunt Thelma and the Rockettes"--a New Yorker originally from the south takes some of her relatives to Radio City.

7/10/78 issue: "Rocky and the Music Hall: The Nostalgia Rip-Off" by Daniel W. Lehman.

10/16/78 issue: Diana Ross review.

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