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1978 Ads: Club 57 and Club 57 at Irving Plaza

Selected 1978 Voice ads for Club 57 and Club 57 Presents at Irving Plaza

4/24/78 issue.

7/3/78 issue.

7/10/78 issue.

7/17/78 issue.

7/24/78 issue.

7/31/78 issue.

8/7/78 issue.

8/14/78 issue.
8/14/78 "Choices" excerpt.

8/21/78 issue.

8/28/78 issue.

9/4/78 issue.

9/11/78 issue.

9/18/78 issue.

9/25/78 issue.

10/2/78 issue.

10/9/78 issue.

10/16/78 "Choices" column excerpt.

10/16/78 issue.

10/23/78 issue.  I think this was in the theater section.  I tend to give only a passing glance to those pages so I may have missed ads/listings for other productions that were put on there...but at the moment I'm feeling unmotivated to go back and check.

10/23/78 issue.

10/30/78 issue.

11/6/78 issue.

11/13/78 issue.

11/20/78 "Choices" column excerpt.

11/20/78 issue.

11/27/78 issue.

12/4/78 "Choices" column excerpt.

12/4/78 issue.

12/11/78 issue.

12/18/78 issue.

12/25/78 issue.

12/25/78 issue.

Reviews, articles, etc.:

To my surprise, other than the brief mentions in the "Choices" column seen above, the only reporting on the venues that I found was in Christgau's "A Little Night Music II: Ain't Got No Home," (10/23/78 issue), a diary of a week's worth of shows he attended during that October.  Along with reviews of the Invaders, the Foolish Virgins, and the production of "Cowboy Mouth" that he saw, he offers good descriptions of the atmosphere/environment of both joints.

Further non-Voice references:

Sorry, couldn't locate any '70s Irving Plaza video, though this comes up under "New Wave Vaudeville"  (along with vids from the 2010 reunion shows at the Delancey Lounge).  And good luck finding vintage Club 57 video--most of the vids that turn up in such a search were filmed at a contemporary gay dance party that goes by the same name(!)--but here's one from a recent 57-themed art exhibit held at Niagara.  Here are Irving vids from 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985, and 1986. (I could have gone on, and I tried, but nothing turned up for the rest of the '80s.)

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