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1977 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 2

Before proceeding, lookee here.  This marvelous site on the Albert Hotel's history seems to have been up and running since April of this year, but I only got hip to it yesterday.  The entire site is manna from heaven for Village/NYC history buffs, but you music types might wanna make a beeline for the "Rock and Roll Years" page first. Thanks and much lust to Harold Black for the link.  (Christopher Gray also did a "Streetscapes" article about the Albert and the website in the NY Times back in April--jeez, do I feel dense for missing both the site and the article until now.)

8/1/77 issue:

8/8/77 issue:

8/15/77 issue:

8/22/77 issue

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

8/29/77 issue:

9/5/77 issue:

9/12/77 issue:

9/19/77 issue:

From a Robert Christgau diary on a week in live music--see link below. 

9/26/77 issue:

10/3/77 issue:

This week's "Scenes" column had a report on opening night, as mentioned another swinger's club in the financial district called Midnight Interlude--see link below. 

10/10/77 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc.:

8/1/77 issue: A chilling piece about a wife-beater; Amiri Baraka feature; "Scenes" discusses a book about massage parlor workers and Valerie Solanas' response to her interview in the previous column; Arthur Bell on an Alice Cooper press junket; book review on The Man Who Killed Mick Jagger.

8/8/77 issue: K.C. and the Sunshine Band at Westchester Premiere Theatre, and (I simply cannot wait for the separate CB's post to link to this one) Lester Bangs on Peter Tork at CBGB.

8/29/77 issue:  Lester Bangs on Elvis; "Arlo Guthrie and the Communist Mystical Tradition"; review of the Jam's "In the City."

9/5/77 issue: "Scenes" on Latin Fever, an all-female Latin orchestra; Mark Jacobson on comedian and Sheepshead Bay club owner George Schultz; "Farewell to Atlantic City (links to nearby ad)"; "A Goodbye to Groucho."

9/19/77 issue: Christgau's "Pazz and Jop Diary," reviewing a week's worth of shows.

9/26/77 issue: Arthur Bell on the murder of Addison Verrill; "The Subject Is 'Roseland,'" by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison (on both the film and the dance hall itself). [Around this time you also start seeing a lot of Koch puns in the news headlines...things like "Koch as Koch Can," "Quid Pro Koch," "Koch Descending a Staircase" (a reference to some kind of arts funding vote).]

10/3/77 issue: Arthur Bell receives a phone call from Addison Verrill's murderer, Paul Bateson; Geoffrey Stokes on the bankrupt Jimmy's Music World record store chain; obit for the owner of the Cedar Tavern (links to nearby ad); "Scenes" on Plato's Retreat's new digs in the former Continental Baths' space, plus a financial district swing club called Midnight Interlude; Nat Hentoff's "My Life in Country Music"; James Talley and Townes Van Zant at the Lone Star Cafe.

Blondie live at the Village Gate, July 2, 1977.

Otter Creek live at the Lone Star Cafe in 1977.

Nassau Coliseum 1977 Youtube clips.

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