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1977 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 1

Almost half of this year's issues are missing, including most of January and all of February through June--sorry!

1/3/77 issue:

I ate here quite often in the '90s.  Some rock shows were held at the Ukranian National Home ca. late '70s/early '80s, such as Elvis Costello and New Order.  Were there any others, and where in the building was the ballroom located?  (I remember there was a party room behind the restaurant for catered affairs, but I never sneaked a peek back there to see how large it was.)  

3/14/77 issue:

From a special fashion supplement called "Rags," which eventually became a spin-off magazine.

Now I know what the E. in Bun E. Carlos stood for.  Can't find a location for this place, but I guess it's same to assume it was in the vicinity of E. 86th?  It gets a brief mention in a June 18, 1977 Billboard article: "The Yorkville Palace has been used recently for showcasing new acts, but there's a drawback for groups, or rather roadies, in the fact the venue is two flights up with no elevator."  Check the article out, it mentions some other theaters that were briefly used for rock shows, like the Elgin, the Harkness, and the Mayfair in Queens. 

3/21/77 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

3/28/77 issue:
"Centerfold" section excerpt.

They hadn't yet adopted the disco format.

7/4/77 issue:

7/11/77 issue:

"Voice Choices" excerpt.

7/18/77 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

7/25/77 issue:

Reviews, articles, etc:

3/14/77 issue: Marquee Moon review.

3/21/77 issue:  Perhaps the greatest "Scenes" column juxtaposition ever--a report on Plato's Retreat (which I remember Howard Smith talking about in that American Swing movie) right beside a discussion on Crazy Eddie's TV ad campaign.  Larry Flynt censorship trial article elsewhere in the issue.

3/28/77 issue: A special supplement on British rock, covering such topics as punk (by Mary Harron), Graham Parker and the Rumour, Pink Floyd, rock star tax exiles (by Simon Frith), Brian Eno, Fairport Convention, and...Anne Murray (WTF?).

7/11/77 issue: Christgau feature on Bonnie Raitt.  (Also heck out the Ultimate Negative Christgau Review in a recent WFMU blog post.)

7/18/77 issue: J.R. Taylor on jazz loft clubs.

7/25/77 issue: Extensive blackout coverage; sexual slang; "Scenes" talks to Valerie Solanas; Parliament-Funkadelic feature by Ed Ward; James Taylor at Nassau Coliseum.

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Karate Boogaloo said...

I know the Misfits played the Nat'l Ukrainian Home as well. The venue is upstairs on the second floor.