Thursday, April 07, 2011

1974 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 4

7/4/74 issue:

7/4/74 "Scenes" column excerpt.

7/11/74 issue:

I remember being terrified when my sister took me to meet him at the Queens Boulevard/Elmhurst location.

7/18/74 issue:

I used to read about that Stick contraption in the guitar magazines.

Centerfold section excerpt.

7/18/74 "Scenes" excerpt--yet another quintessential New York beverage.  I myself preferred their "Cream sody," as my Pops pronounced it.

7/25/74 issue:

7/25/74 "Scenes" column excerpt.

8/1/74 issue:

Did this eventually evolve into Beatlemania?  My sister took me to that too, and thankfully it didn't scare me out of my wits.

8/8/74 issue:
More Atlantic appearances.

8/15/74 issue:

8/15/74 "Scenes" column sidebar.

8/22/74 issue:
Upcoming Atlantic artists' appearances.

What the heck was this--a new use for the old Electric Circus premises?

Excerpt from a fascinating 8/22/74 article on the financial underpinnings of the LSD era.

Note that the Academy of Music is listed here--during daytime hours it still operated as a movie theater.

8/22/74 "Scenes" excerpt.  The last line was cut off--"rock and roll gossip."  Was that history of rock magazines ever completed?  I know Betrock did eventually put out a guidebook to teen mags called Hitsville, but the closest thing I can think of to what's described above is Paul Gorman's In Their Own Write: Adventures in the Music Press

He was that tall character actor with the unforgettably homely mug.  I remember him best as the biology teacher in Fast Times at Ridgemont High but he was in a zillion things.

8/29/74 issue:

A simple yet effective sketch--I think I would have recognized them even if CSNY weren't mentioned at all.

8/29/74 "Scenes" column excerpt.

"Centerfold" section excerpt.  That can't possibly be the same Bamboo club that the Jersey Shore cast alternates with Karma, can it?


Corry342 said...

Maybe the Erotic Circus featured Marilyn Chambers and Marc Allen Trujillo (New York's hottest singers, doing what they do best)

NYCDreamin said...

Cool stuff as always, DC. Love the ad for "The Power Broker" book. I started reading it back in about September and I'm just over the 900 page mark now out of about 1200 pages or so, hoping to finish up by June - amazing amount of NYC social and political history in that book.