Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1969 Ads Revisited: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 3

7/3/69 issue:

7/10/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

7/17/69 issue:

"Scenes" photo.

"Scenes" column excerpt.

7/24/69 issue:

7/31/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpts.  A few weeks later, Ms. Brandewine-Montgomery got her own feature article.

Weissglass Stadium--the promoter sure made a poor graphic design choice with those gray backgrounds.

8/7/69 issue:

8/14/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpts.

8/21/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpts.

8/28/69 issue:

9/4/69 issue:

A fine article on Trash & Vaudeville was making the rounds last week, and until I read it I never realized that a part of the store had once held Limbo (its second St. Marks location--the original was at 24).  Here's Limbo's Facebook page, which has terrific pics and memorabilia.  

9/11/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpt.

9/18/69 issue:

"Scenes" column excerpts.

9/25/69 issue:

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