Thursday, January 26, 2012

Weird news travels fast

I was gonna save these links for the intro to my next post on ads, but I may as well round them up here, in reverse order of how I found out about them.

Bleecker Bob's to become a Starbucks--via JVNY and GV Daily Photo. Thanks to Caryn Rose for the head's up.  [UPDATE, mere seconds after my inital post--the Holiday is closing too!]  [UPDATE 1/27/2012: Yesterday there was a NY Times article on this as well, which also stated that Southpaw is closing.  Today JVNY reports that BB's is looking for space in the East Village.]

CBGB festival and talk of a possible revival of the club--via Bowery Boogie, Gothamist, EV Grieve, WCBS-FM, Brooklyn Vegan, and the Observer.  Thanks for Bryan at This Ain't the Summer of Love for the alert.

The Court Tavern in New Brunswick to close--via the Village Voice blog.

Not news but interesting stuff from before my time--FB page for after-hours club the Nursery.  Thanks to NY Rocks head honcho Ray S.

And hopefully this might cheer you up a little, or at least offer some useful distraction--go get lost within this massive NYU archive of Greenwich Village photos (link via Flaming Pablum).

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