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1976 Ads: Other Venues and Miscellany, Part 2

Before proceeding, please read this tribute to the late Cleveland Plain Dealer rock critic, Jane Scott.  I'm ashamed to say I don't think I ever heard about her prior to seeing this obituary, but good lord, what an indefatigable lady, and what an incredible career.  Sometimes I can barely muster the energy to walk a few blocks to go see a band, and here she was going to shows well into her eighties!

3/1/76 issue--the microfilm was inexplicably cut off right at the start of the club ads section, so I couldn't get much:

(Insanely dark) Photos and excerpts from a James Wolcott piece on punk. 

3/8/76 issue:

"Scoop" excerpt.

3/15/76 issue--later March issues are missing:

4/5/76 issue:

"Scoop" excerpt.

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

"99X" reminds me of that shop that used to specialize in Docs, Fred Perry, and Ben Sherman.

4/12/76 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

Connecticut club.

4/19/76 issue:

"Centerfold" section excerpt.

4/26/76 issue:

5/3/76 issue:

"Scoops" excerpt.

"Scenes" column excerpt.

The rest of the May issues, as well as those for June and July, are missing from the archive.

Reviews, articles, etc:

Joe Cocker at Mikell's, 3/1/76 "Riffs" column.  (ISTR a reader asking me if I'd seen any ads for Mikell's--so far, this review is the only reference I've found.)

"The Rise of Punk Rock" by James Wolcott, 3/1/76.

Christgau reviews Garland Jeffreys and David Amram at the Other End, 3/8/76.

Special music section in the 3/15/76 issue--not as cool as the previous year's, but some good pieces on Loretta Lynn, roadies, the guitar shops of 48th Street, and "limey-dixie rock."

Christgau on Bowie at Nassau, 4/5/76 issue.  Also, Lemongello.

Dolly Parton feature, Phil Ochs obituary by Christgau, and "KISS Explain Themselves," 4/19/76 issue.

Vince Aletti on rock critics' general dislike of disco, 4/26/76 issue.

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