Monday, November 22, 2010

1971 Ads: Gaslight Au Go Go and Gaslight II

I've generally eschewed collecting ads for the Gaslight in past editions of the Voice ads series--not that I had anything against the legendary venue, it was just primarily a folk and blues club that rarely, if ever, booked rock 'n roll acts.  But in April of 1971, the Gaslight moved to the former site of the Cafe au Go Go at 152 Bleecker Street, and seemed to take on a somewhat more rock-oriented booking policy at their new digs.  Meanwhile, and somewhat confusingly, a club called the Gaslight II opened in the old space at 116 MacDougal, which remained a folk and blues stronghold.  Presumably both houses operated independently, but I'm not absolutely sure about that.  I didn't save every ad for both joints, just the ones that caught my eye.  I should go back and find more but I'm feeling too lazy to be a completist about it at the moment.

4/8/71 issue.

4/29/71 issue.

7/1/71 issue.

7/8/71 issue.

7/22/71 issue.

8/5/71 issue. 

8/12/71 issue.

8/19/71 issue.

8/25/71 issue.

9/2/71 issue.

9/2/71 issue.

9/16/71 issue.

9/23/71 issue.

9/30/71 issue.

9/30/71 issue.

10/28/71 issue.

10/28/71 issue.

11/4/71 issue.

11/4/71 issue.

11/11/71 issue.

11/18/71 issue.  Could this be one of Billy's earliest Manhattan solo engagements?  It's too much of a "Hassle" to find out fer sure...

11/25/71 issue.

12/1/71 issue.

12/9/71 issue.

12/9/71 issue

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