Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Stompers Say Yeah!

Now that I've got a digital camera, I'll let the pictures say my usual thousand words. Here are a multitude of photos from Cavestomp 2007. (P.S: I guess John Varvatos is actually utilzing 315 Bowery as well!!! Even though we passed through the Bowery during part of our record-shopping expedition, somehow I couldn't bear to walk by the block to snag some photographic evidence. Belated RIP Linda Stein.) (P.P.S.: Now I hear the gallery space at 313 will be the new home of rock photo purveyor Morrison Hotel.)


Mondo Primo said...

Your blog is my life!

AllThatIsX said...

That 'Butt Shakers' mag is **CLASSIC** - what store is that in?