Sunday, December 10, 2006

Exploding Plastic Shower Curtains Inevitable

On a brief trip over Veteran's Day weekend, I saw that the awning at 315 Bowery had already been stripped off, while a sign for this establishment was newly in place at the former home of the Dom/Electric Circus. From the Times:

Just a handful of blocks from the old club on the Bowery, there’s a new CBGB in town, at 23 St. Marks Place. But instead of pushing punk rock bands, this one sells memorabilia, from camouflage T-shirts and plastic shower curtains to baby bibs and doggie clothes, all bearing the club’s logo.

The neat ground-floor space with black walls and clean, folded wares offers a sharp contrast to the grimy nightspot. For Hilly Kristal, CBGB’s 75-year-old owner, the two-week-old store is the “flagship” of an effort to make money and to experiment with the brand while working on reopening the club, probably in Las Vegas.


Anonymous said...

Hello to you, Signed DC.
I just found your blog about a week ago and have been poring over it like a salivating dog all week. I just wanted to tell you that you SOULD write a book. You've obviously done your research. I do quite a bit of digging on the 'net for most of the stuff you've written about in the past few years. I was SO impressed to find out some info on The Hotel Diplomat FINALLY! Good Job and keep up the great work, I look forward to new entries.

Signed D.C. said...

Holy moley, thanks so much! You're too kind. My head's been a little elsewhere over the past year but I hope to get back into the fray real soon. Muchas gracias to you and all the fine folks who've added their comments, memories, and corrections!