Friday, July 30, 2010

That's...peanut butter!

Here's a little preview of 1970 Voice ad mania. First, from the August 27, 1970 issue, an ad for the infamous Cincinnati Pop Festival telecast, shown on channel 5 in the New York area. A review of the show also appeared in the 9/17/70 "Riffs" column.

And here are a few ads for Truth and Soul, the knitwear company owned by Billy Murcia and Syl Sylvain. Some hardcore New York Dolls freak has probably located them already, but if they're anywhere else online, I haven't seen them--the only ad I have previously seen was in Nina Antonia's Dolls bio. Did Putney Swope inspire the name?

3/12/70 issue.

4/2/70 issue.

10/15/70 issue.

Much more to come next week.